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534 Fleet Ave
Winnipeg, MB, R3L 0S2


Our mission at The ADD Centre® (Winnipeg) is to help improve your focus, concentration, attention span, reflection and organization.  Let us help you feel and understand what it is like to be in that focused “zone” while in school, at work, or during an athletic event. Gain the tools to aid you with your daily organization of tasks. Feel motivated and make concentration work for you! Please email or give us a call on our contact page for more information. link on the links below to read about our testimonials, or look head to our articles page to learn more about ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, and how Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Brain Training are helping children and adults everywhere to learn to focus, concentrate, and succeed.


Our Assessment

The Add Centre assessment really helped show us the areas that Carter really needed help. It was really interesting to see how he was preforming versus other kids his own age.
— Melody Tardiff

Professional assessments for our clients


No more guessing. At The ADD Centre we can help answer your questions about how you or your child is paying attention. Our comprehensive assessment will show us how the students levels of concentration compares to the their peers. We uncover the areas where our students require the most help and set a course to provide a individualized training program to help improve those areas with methods that get results. 


Each ADD Centre assessment includes:

  • Our computerized concentration assessment, highlighting the students strengths and needs.
  • Measurement of brain performance during cognitive tasks such as reading, listening, math and writing.

  • Some students are given the ADD Centre developed Academic Assessment to measure where the student based Manitoba Curriculum Standards for ELA and Math.

Picture the ADD Centre assessment process as a look directly into the brain performance of the student. It measures their level of concentration, focus and relaxation, and can pinpoint the area's that they need the most help with. Typically the assessment process takes 1.5 hours to complete, and soon after we can see the results and gain a better understanding of the issues surrounding the students level of focus and attention.

Academic assessments can take from 1 to 2 hour depending on the age of the student. Verbal reports are provided immediately. A final report and recommendations are provided as quickly as possible.

For children with ADHD, ASD and learning difficulties Federal and Provincial tax benefits may be available. For further information contact the ADD Centre at 204-897-4493. Email us at or read: “The A.D.D. Book” by Dr. William Sears and Dr. Lynda Thompson.

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Find out about our organization, our mission, our methods, and the results of our decades of helping children and adults with learning disabilities.

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